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Over the past decade, the sports handicapping market has become increasingly fragmented. This is caused by many individuals with limited experience or resources creating a web presence and calling themselves a professional sports handicapping company.

The single main reason for this fragmentation is the lack of regulations in the sports handicapping market. There is currently no legitimate policing body that oversees the sports handicapping industry. In other words, almost anyone has the power and money to create a sports handicapping company. Until that body is in place, the industry will remain extremely fragmented and unstable.

With all that being understood, there is still a way to find value in the sports handicapping world. A reliable sports handicapping service will have the following three characteristics if it expects to succeed for its clients. The current vast majority of handicapping companies lack one or more of these.


In today's world, the one mechanism that can give an individual a decisive edge over another is technology. On our site, we offer a small part of our handicapping computer and software system for your benefit and review.


Without the necessary money invested into a product, the product will lose value and become out-dated. We have spent thousands of dollars to create a service that offers consistent value for our clients.


Simply stated, you need the right people to make the technology and the investment capital work together.

ROI Sports was created with these three things in mind. By creating an advanced technology piece, spending the necessary capital to develop it and putting the right people in place, we have become the leader in the sports handicapping sector.

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