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The two sets of groups that make up our handicapping team are the research analysts and professional sports handicappers.

The research analyst are responsible for taking the information generated by our proprietary software and computer system and analyzing it for trends and events that many sports gamblers do not notice or understand.

The professional sports handicappers then have the responsibility of factoring in the intangibles that are not measured in statistics. These things might include a teams current momentum or the noise of a home crowd.

Rather than looking at the effect of a particular event as it affects a particular team in isolation, the ROI Sports team assess what kind of domino effect an event or factor can have across a wide range of variables and circumstances. By working together, these two groups combine for the most effective sports handicapping system ever created.

When they are able to uncover a play that rates to our own extremely high standards, it is offered to our clients on our individual sports pages. This play is called a ROI Insider Play.

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1-1 50% 219
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Record Percent Units
8-13-1 38% -2795
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40-41-1 49% -2710

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